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Sale management hotel 3 stars Lucca province

800.000 €

  • Hotel 3 Stars
  • Lucca, Toscana Italia
  • Rooms: 30
  • Rif: HG150415 LU PROV.

The property, recently renovated, is in excellent condition and with all installations and certifications in accordance with the law.

Recently the replacement of the external fixtures was carried out.

The hotel has approx. 30 rooms mostly with panoramic views, all elegantly and newly furnished.

Inside there is a large restaurant and bar, outside there is a parking area and an affiliated beach less than 50 meters away.

At present the turnover and profit are excellent.

The request for the acquisition of the business is € 800,000 with stipulation of a 9+9 contract for a rent of € 130,000 per year.